Zephyr is an "Outremer 55 Light" sloop rigged catamaran. With almost all catamaran builders focused on building slow boat to China charter condos, Outremer stand among the few that make fast cats that actually sail....and sail well she does. The hulls are solid fiberglass, no coring to be found. The interior is down-to-business spartan. The rigging is dirt simple and meant to last. She carries daggerboards which can put her on rails up-wind. Outremer built 26 total 55s from 1999 to 2008 in two versions: "standard" and "light". Zephyr is the light version which comes in at over a metric ton less in dry weight......IE: she moves quick.

The original owner worked with the famous designer, Gerard Danson, to have Zephyr optimized for circumnavigation. She was designed to carry as much weight as close to the center as possible with all but the fuel tanks carried right below the mast. With the circumnavigation completed in 2005, the owner sold the vessel in France where she stayed until 2008. At that time, a family of 5 purchased her and sailing her from France to French Polynesia arriving in 2013. With circumstances dictating that the family return to France, Zephyr was sold in Tahiti to the current owner in February 2015.

Zephyr carries an inventory of 5 different sails: 780 sqft main, 320 sqft jib, furling gennaker, asymmetric spinnaker and a storm stay sail. Onboard equipment has been kept simple and repairable. She includes a single side band radio for long distance communication, a 15 gallon/hour water desalination system, 850W of solar power and a wind generator. General specifications below:

  • Length:               55 feet
  • Beam (Width):   23 feet
  • Draft:                  2.6 feet, 8 feet with daggerboards down
  • Mast:                   65 feet
  • Displacement:     21,000 dry, 27,500 max load
  • Engines:              2x Yanmar 40HP
  • D/L                     65 (mid load)
  • SA/D                   21 (mid load)