The master of all things media, Johnny understood composure around the same time we were all learning addition. He's professionally shot an array of venues and has worked with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Checkout his gallery at




The man of leisure and master of bicycle. Jason lives in Redwood City CA and owns a Cal 46 with Emily. He rides about 1000 miles a week on his bike. Uphill, both ways.





Bosses pilots around all day. Enough said. Also owns a Cal 46 with Jason.





An avid ocean enthusiast, Garrett has been in/around the water for years. Serving in the Navy, he's stood watch on US military vessels domestically and abroad. Also runs Ironman triathlons. Currently working at Apple.






A man who is living the dream. Currently a full time cruiser, he’s owned one sailboat or another for 6 years. His Tartan 37 “elli", as of this writing, is moored in Hawaii waiting out the South Pacific cyclone season. Read up about his adventures at Its extremely well written and charmingly candid. 



Eric Laakmann

Skipper on this voyage, Eric grew up sailing the pacific in Mexico, Tahiti, the Galapagos, and Puget Sound. Plans after the voyage are to enter Zephyr into one hobby beer can race, dominate, then never race again. Currently working at Apple.