Sail Mail - April 7, 2015

Location: 30 54.8N - 152 57.2W - 700nm N of Hawaii - 1550nm W-SW of SF - 1500nm S-SE of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Course: 67
Speed: 7.5 knots
Sea: What seas?
Wind: 10 knots from NW

I lied about motoring for 1.5 days. We woke up with 8 knots of wind behind us and took a gamble flying the asymmetric spinnaker. That gamble paid off in spades. We made 6 knots most of the day on the calmest seas imaginable with the spinnaker silently pulling the boat along. Total motoring time to make it through a high came in at 9 hours. Nothing.

We've been aiming for a very favorable wind shift for two days and just realized our gain. Our SW winds were replaced by NW winds in the matter of a half hour. Zephyr is now quietly slipping along on calm seas with almost full sail in light air on the beam.  Our heading now has us pointed directly at San Francisco at 8 knots in 13 knots. It won't last forever though because in a day the winds will shift to the north and strengthen. That shift is going to carry us east for 3 days though. Progress.

More quadcopter flying again. I'm now up to ~20 flights with GoPro attached. Johnny's working on something special.

Our wishes for a yellow fin tuna were half granted. We got the tuna. Not so much the yellow fin. Skip jack again. Alas, we'll have to feast on fish tacos, gourmet tuna salad and tuna melts.

Not a day goes by in which some boat system needs some love. This time its the port engine. Seems like the battery isn't too healthy. There's a spare on board along with and a couple other hack solutions for getting it started without its own dedicated battery though. Repair TBD.