Sail Mail - April 6, 2015

Location: 29 13.3N - 154 32.7W - 570nm N of Hawaii - 1700nm W-SW of SF - 1600nm S-SE of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Course: 16
Speed: 6.5 knots
Sea: 3 ft
Wind: 10 knots from E-SE

Best day of sailing yet. Sun's out. Winds is at the perfect strength and angle to move us where we want to go at 8-9kts.....but not any stronger. The seas are tiny. It's actually easy to forget that we are on a boat more than 500nm from anything. The wind just starting dying down as the sun was setting. We'll probably motor for the next 1.5 days to push through the high we are in.

We got the full main out for the first time since the rip today. Its looking spry pushing the boat along in these light winds.

The wind generator's stand broke last night around 1:00AM. A screw for a steel bar which keeps the wind gen's post from moving laterally fatigued and broke in half. Luckily the other steel cross support kept the wind gen on the boat. It only took a few minutes to replace the screw.

Zephyr has proven herself a worthy aircraft carrier. We launched and retrieved the quadcopter 4 times today at great peril to Garrett's GoPro. The footage is fantastic and the drone only crashed about a half time. For now, it was totally worth the risk.

With significant Mahi on board, we are all hoping for a yellow fin tuna.