Sail Mail - April 5, 2015

Location: 26.27.7N - 155.06.7W - 400nm N of Hawaii - 1800nm W-SW of SF - 1700nm S-SE of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Course: 0
Speed: 9 knots
Sea: 10ft
Wind: 15kt from E-NE

Still heading north. The winds have shifted a bit to be lighter and more northerly which means we are pointing. The bridge deck is slamming less than yesterday when we had over 20kts on the beam. All around, its pretty comfortable. Especially on a warm sunny day.

We made 212nm in 24 hours yesterday. Today will likely be less but its looking like we'll clear 200nm so far.

Around 6:30 this morning I deployed the hand lines. It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes later when a long yellow fish shot out of the water on our faithful little pink squid on flourocarbon. Second mahi! This one was a little guy but he sure tasted good on egg/bacon/cheese breakfast sandwiches.

Early in the afternoon, a second bite! Third Mahi! Garrett spotted the big guy thrashing around behind the boat. He couldn't have been there for long because he sure as hell wasn't out of energy. It took some combined pulling to get him on board. Once on board though, it was clear how big he was....about 4.5 feet. We're thinking of pineapple butter frying him tonight. The underdog blue "super chugger" squid on wire delivered this time. I've set him about 100ft farther back (200ft total) so maybe that's what made the difference.

Found an actual squid on deck. Johnny declined to eat it.

Happy Easter. We each had a Cadbury Creme egg.