Sail Mail - April 4, 2015

Location: 22.43.4N - 155.08.0W - 180nm N of Hawaii - 1900nm WSW of SF - 1900nm SSE of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Course: 0
Speed: 9 knots
Sea: 14ft with some unfortunate chop
Wind: 20kt from E with gusts to 25kts

After a short three day resupply in Hilo, we've departed for SF. Or Alaska. Or Mexico. We've got more food than a food bank and enough diesel to push us 450nm. Lewis left the boat in Hilo to continue his cruising. Jason left the boat for a BVI vacation aboard a Lagoon 560 (same length as this catamaran, weighs three times more). Garrett has come aboard though making our crew three.

As far as a route goes, its tough to say at this point. We know we'll go north for 4 days. That's about it. The North Pacific seems to be a mess of highs and lows right now so all we can do is rely on the 3-day forecast de-jour.

For going north, we've made some solid progress today despite a rowdy sea state. All our log entries since we raised the sails at 9:00AM have been over 9 knots. Even with a triple reefed main tucked in for the night, we are still doing over 9 knots. I'm pretty sure Zephyr would sail at 9 knots under a napkin reinforced by chopsticks.

As we were motoring away from Hawaii last night, we noticed a consistent 10 degree offset in the rudder. Before we raised the sails this morning, I got in the water to look. Low and behold, the starboard and port rudder were misaligned. The fix only took 3 minutes though.

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to bring any fish aboard today but we did have two close calls.

The first:
All three of us were sitting in the cockpit when suddenly one of the hand line bungies went guitar sting tight. No splash though. Was it a hunk of trash? NOPE. 5 seconds later, something big was thrashing at the surface. 5 seconds later though, it had managed to shake the hook and was gone. The pink squid was now 3 for 3.

The second:
I pulled in our starboard handline with a 6inch cedar plug on it. To my dismay, the hook had been bent in half and fractured in two pieces! Cedar plugs requires special hooks to work and all I have are the ones which came with the plugs. There seems to be a quality control issue because some of them rust away in days, some hold up fine, and some apparently bend in half.

Let today be known as the first day Johnny has worn pants this whole trip. Its getting progressively colder. The seas are still blue and luke warm. The flying fish are going down in frequency.