Sail Mail - April 16, 2015

Location: 38 24.9N - 125 36.2W - 150nm W-NW of SF
Course: 110
Speed: 9 knots
Sea: 16ft
Wind: 30+kts last night. 25kts now.

Less than 24 hours to SF. The winds on the coast have been stronger than forecast. Before the wind instruments broke they were reading sustained over 30kts and gusts in excess of 37kts. That built up some pretty wild seas. So wild that there are occasional breakers. One broke into our cockpit actually.

The wind and waves were unfortunately on our beam with our desired course as of yesterday (hazard when there are breakers). We ended up  fore-reaching overnight to gain some more northward progress that is allowing us to put the seas on the port aft quarter instead today.

The plan is to pass the Farallon islands at day break then head under the gate around 9 or 10AM. We'll likely anchor in Sausalito on Friday then head down to the South Bay.

Total transit time from Hilo to SF would be 13.5 days if we make it in the morning tomorrow. It takes most boats longer than that to get to Hawaii from SF....the favorable direction.

This will likely be the last Sail Mail transmission.