Sail Mail - April 12, 2015

Location: 34 06.6N - 138 44.4W - 1300nm NE of Hilo HI - 780nm W of SF - 1600nm SE of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Course: 16
Speed: 8.5 knots
Sea: Small wind waves with big 12 foot rollers
Wind: 14kt from W

We passed through our second high pressure system today which also happened to be the location of the Pacific garbage patch. Looking into the water, it was hard to find a 6 foot square that didn't have some small part of human detritus in it. Large pieces were also very frequent. Every 300 foot square probably had something larger than a soccer ball floating in it. Common sightings were buoys, derelict fishing nets, styrofoam, and bottles. We even saw a laundry basket.

It also happened to be the clearest water I've ever seen. We stopped the boat for about an hour to go swimming and dropped a coin into the depths. It took more than 30 seconds to lose sight of it. I also found a crab clinging to the bottom of the boat near the port dagger board. Wtf? How long was it there?

After 15 hours of motoring, the winds have filled in light from the west. We're sailing along in ideal conditions with the wind on the beam with seas consisting of big rollers and not much more.

We're less than 800 miles to the west of San Francisco. If all goes well, we'll ride this tack all the way through the Golden Gate as the wind will shift to the north once more within a day. Estimated arrival could be as early as Thursday morning. Less than 13 days at sea. *Knocks on wood*.