Sail Mail - April 8, 2015

Location: 30 54.8N - 152 57.2W - 820nm N-NE of Hilo HI - 1350nm W-SW of SF - 1500nm S-SE of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Course: 78
Speed: 9 knots
Sea: 12 feet
Wind: 18 from N

Our heading has us pointed straight at SF at good speed. We're sailing on the edge of a low pressure system that's between us an San Francisco. That low pressure system, should be migrating South though as we make our way into the area.

In contrast to the Sun, calm seas and light winds yesterday, today was the opposite. Overcast, rough and stronger winds. This will be the new normal for the next few days.

We bought way too much beer and will probably have plenty of extra to share when we get back to SF, FYI.