Sail Mail - April 10, 2015

Location: 33 53.4N - 141 58.7W - 1100nm NE of Hilo HI - 980nm W-SW of SF - 1600nm SE of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Course: 72
Speed: 8 knots
Sea: 6 feet
Wind: 12-20 from N

Distance wise, we crossed the half way point. We are now closer to SF than Hilo. We are also down to half our bacon, half our salsa and most of our cheese. We ate our last Tahitian "keep forever" un-refrigerated eggs today too.

Johnny caught one of those pesky battens unscrewing itself last night. It was easy enough to re-thread the batten. Wouldn't have been so easy if the main sail had ripped again. Mysterious radar contacts were also observed last night. They manifested as faint patches that would come and go.

There's still more than enough beer to go around and with some luck, we'll be back in SF by the weekend of the 18th. Garrett estimates our beer inventory at "100s". If you want to join in on some return festivities when/if we make it back, drop me a short (short!) note. Cheers folks.