Sail Mail - March 31, 2015

Location: 17.35.5N - 151.36.7W - 230nm SW of Hawaii - 2000nm SE of SF
Course: 315
Speed: 8.0 kts
Sea: 14ft
Wind: 17kt from NE

Somehow the fish seem to know when we are playing risk. As we were playing this afternoon, I saw a splash way deep back behind the boat. A Mahi Mahi had hit a small 3 inch pink squid lure I was trolling deep back there. First Mahi! Bringing it in on the handline, it didn't have much of a chance, making one bid for freedom during the 2 minutes it took to pull her in. Tonight's dinner? Two hour fresh Mahi seared with lime and a side of green veggies.

It seems like the fish only hit lures in clear water behind Zephyr.....which there isn't a lot of. She kicks up a path of turbulence 25ft wide and 120ft long. Perhaps fishing outriggers are an upgrade in the future.

With a record day of 223nm in 24hrs yesterday, we are on track to make landfall in Hilo sometime in the wee hours of Wednesday April 1st. The weather is looking pretty good for leaving Hawaii on Thursday or Friday too. The current forecast has SE winds on top of Hawaii through the beginning of next week, allowing us to depart on a beam or broad reach. The pacific high is also forecast to be migrating south as we leave, allowing us to sail a straighter route to San Francisco if the forecast holds.