Sail Mail - March 30, 2015

Location: 15.06.1N - 148.54.8W - 440nm SW of Hawaii - 2000nm SE of SF
Course: 318
Speed: 9.7 kts
Sea: 12ft
Wind: 16kt from NE

This morning was the biggest seas we've seen yet. Standing in the cockpit, 4ft above the water, we were looking up at waves. They were approximately 12-14ft.  Earlier in the day, we had a wave break on the windward hull, flooding the cockpit and washing over the saloon.

As of the afternoon though, the seas have moderated which is always correlated with an increase in alcohol consumption. After finding a squid on deck, Johnny was dared to eat it but sadly failed. Not before he had gotten ink all over himself in an attempt to chew it in half. Luckily for the remaining crew, more squid were found. It so happens that the best technique is to swallow them whole.

Some sort of brown bird was with us the whole day. It was quite impressive as it was using the boat to fox out flying fish and would snatch them out of the air as it skimmed within a few cm of rough seas.

Yesterday's run was ALMOST a record at 215nm in 24hrs. One nautical mile shy. Today, we are off to solid start. Already we've put 173 miles behind us with another 5.5 hours of fast sailing ahead of us.