Sail Mail - March 29, 2015

Location: 12.38.6N - 146.11.7W - 660nm SW of Hawaii
Course: 312
Sea: 10ft
Wind: 16kt from NE

The main sail is still looking awesome. With it and the jib working together we are making good speed. So good that today might be a new record for most miles in 24hrs.

FYI - gourmet tuna salad, made with fresh skip jack tuna, tastes almost the exact same as tuna salad made with canned skip jack tuna.

As we were eating said tuna salad in the middle of the afternoon, Jason saw a big splash behind a boat. Low and behold a marlin, that was bigger than any of us, was frantically jumping around. Presumably it was irritated by the hook now in it.

As awesome as pulling aboard a hundreds of pound fish into the boat on a handline would be, it wasn't meant to be. By the time we saw it, it had definitely already snapped the 350lb test monofilament. I'm unsure how we would have been able to store all of said fish anyways.