Sail Mail - March 28, 2015

Location: 10.03.9N - 143.37.1W - 900nm SW of Hawai
Course: 320
Sea: 10ft
Wind: 16-23kt from NE

After 3 days of intensive high seas sewing labor, the main sail is up and running. Work began at 7AM yesterday and didn't finish until 3PM today. 32 hours straight. We started the repair with 4 needles, 3 good ones and 1 huge fat f*****. Within 6 hour of beginning the repair, we were down to just 2 with about 1000 stitches through quadruple layered dacron to go.

That last good needle was the the needle that could though....until it didn't. After 20 hours of continuous man handling, the tip had become brittle and fractured. That was a sad sad sad moment at 4AM, in the pitch black morning, in a cave of sail fabric, in the middle of the pacific.

Never the less, we pushed on with the fat f***** needle. Johnny's and my hands are raw from it but it managed to get the job done.

With the main sail stitched up and looking awesome, we are now hauling ass at 9kts to Hawaii. We are even reefed  so deeply that we could sail through a tropical storm but apparently no one ever told this boat means it should be going slow.

When I say the main is looking awesome though, it literally looks awesome. The shape is perfect and the streams of anti-chafe duct tape that have been shearing off from the wind definitely adds character to the boat. Preliminarily, it appears that the stitches are holding *knocks on wood*.

We'll leave the main triple reefed until tomorrow to let the stitching set. Back to drinking beer, watching movies, gazing at the fishing lines, and playing risk.