Sail Mail - March 27, 2015

Location: 8.06.3N - 142.01.0W - 1000nm North of Nuka-Hiva - 1000nm SW of Hilo HI
Course: 325
Sea: 5ft
Wind: 15kts from NE

Its midnight on the pacific. We have been sewing since 7AM and have about 2-3 feet to go then touch up work to get the main sail back to its spry self. With the power of two humans, we are able to manage about a stitch per minute.

A big obstacle for us has been the doldrums. We entered them at about 3 north and it appears that they have been following us north.....keeping us in persistent light winds with a squall every hour or so. Earlier this evening, we dealt with an extended squall about 30kts in strength which put a stop to our sewing for a bit. As of now at 8 north (300nm later), it looks like we are finally in the NE trades. Once the main is ready to go, we'll point Zephyr at Hawaii and sail.

Dolphins took up the bow today as we worked. I think they were excited we were finally outside.

Beer rations are running low, moral is high.