Sail Mail - March 24, 2015

Location: 0.24.9N - 141.05.7W - 570nm North of Nuka-Hiva - 1400nm SW of Hilo HI
Course: 354
Sea: 5ft
Wind: 10-12kts from E

Last Port: Nuka-Hiva
Destination Port: Hilo HI

Crossed the equator today! We stopped the boat at the equator and performed a "crossing ceremony". It included bananas, whisky-soy-wasabi-hot sauce shots, and of course getting in and going for a swim. Jason vomited on the shot. I almost did. Johnny might have enjoyed it.

Also sent off a message in a bottle. A vodka bottle specifically. Collectively, it included about $60 worth of US, Tahitian, Canadian, Japanese, and Chinese currency. It also included a lovely message. Hopefully someone picks it up in the Marshall islands or Asia and writes back.

Yesterday, we made 216NM in 24hrs. Today we'll probably be shy of 200 due to to the light winds and 1.5hr long equator stop. At least the seas are pretty comfy! No fish today sadly. I've switched over 2 of the lines to flourocarbon leaders which may or may not help. We were using braided steel on all of them.