Sail Mail - March 18, 2015

Location: 10.25.6S - 140.53.9W - 100nm SSE of Nuka Hiva
Course: 360
Sea: 5ft
Wind: 10-12kts from NNE

Last Port: Rangiroa - Tuamotu islands
Destination Port: Nuka Hiva Marquesas

We are about 100 miles away from Nuka Hiva. That would be great but the wind isn't cooperating much. Its essentially very light and coming straight from where we want to go. What that means is that we can make very little progress to windward. There's a favorable wind shift in a few hours that we'll play to still get there tomorrow.

Just went by something big in the water. All we know was that it had a dorsal fin, was dark grey, and looked menacing.

In other news, a flying fish jumped out of the water so high that it hit the main sail.