Sail Mail - March 17, 2015

Location: 12.46.7S - 139.16.4W - 200nm south of Nuka Hiva
Course: 323
Sea: 5ft
Wind: 15-20kts from NNE

Last Port: Rangiroa - Tuamotu islands
Destination Port: Nuka Hiva Marquesas

We just tacked north to head towards the Marquesas. The wind shifted to the east all night yesterday and by the morning, we were pretty much pointing east-southeast. Not what you want when you are 200nm south of where you want to be. With this tack, we are expecting to get to Nuka-Hiva by Thursday. We'll spend a day or two there resupplying before we head off to Hawaii.

Down to two fish left in the freezer with more on the menu tonight. The lines are going back in the water tomorrow.