Sail Mail - March 16, 2015

Location: 12.44.4S - 142.21.8W - 330nm NE of Rangiroa, 300nm SE of the Marquesas
Sea: 5ft
Wind: 17-21kts from the north
Last Port: Rangiroa - Tuamotu islands
Destination Port: Fatu-Hiva Marquesas

We ran all night from that storm and appear to have out run it. Winds have lighted, sun is out and the sea is calmer. All night long, you could see stars to forward and lightening to aft. Currently we are hauling ass at a low 9kt average. Hitting 200nm in 24 hours today is looking promising. In other good news, we made sushi out of one of the yellow fins today(rolls, nigiri, sashimi).

Its looking like we are going to have to stick on an easterly course and overshoot the Marquesas as the wind shifts to the NE. This will give us a favorable tack to get us there by late Wednesday or earlyThursday.