Sail Mail - March 12, 2015

Location: 14.49.0S - 148.14.0W - 180nm NE of Tahiti, 30nm E of Rangiroa
Sea: 4ft
Wind: 12kts from the east
Last Port: Moorea - Society Islands
Destination Port: Rangiroa - Tuamotu Islands

Motored all night last night to gain eastward progress against wind. That paid off today as we were able to sail at a close reach for 17 hours north. Winds were between 8 and 12kts most of the day and the boat was moving between 6 and 9kts. With the apparent wind light and at 60 degrees, we were flying a larger head sail (gennaker). Around dinner time, the winds were picking up with gusts at 13.5kts. Everyone was in the saloon eating watching the boat speed climb past 9kts when there was a crack. The bowline knot on the gennaker's active sheet had failed. No, not untied itself....the line snapped right at the knot. Better the sheet than the sail or the rig though. After that, the flailing gennaker was put away. We sailed until midnight on a reefed main and jib before turning on the motor and pointing east to Rangiroa. Expected landfall is at 8:00AM tomorrow local time. Wild life sightings today included whales at a distance and sea birds. We only saw land once very far away during the whole daylight hours. No fish again today. We were trolling not 1, not 2, not 3, but 7 lines including two daisy chain teasers. Right now, we are dodging squalls in the middle of the night as we approach Rangiroa.