First Day

There is a saying that the two best days of boat ownership are the first and the last. I'm not sure those folks were using their boats correctly. What I can say though, is that waking up on a new boat in Tahiti is pretty magical. Sun is out. Fish are jumping. Coffee is brewing. Johnny and Jason are arriving later this evening and if all goes well, we'll take Zephyr out for a sail tomorrow. 

The previous owners went above and beyond what I would have expected. Not only is the boat incredibly clean, they made plenty of repairs I never asked them to. Both of them had a very deep respect for Zephyr, which is without a doubt a good sign that she's a great boat. 

Upon leaving, they had their youngest son (the only one of the kids that likes sailing), give me the keys, passing Zephyr over to me. As far as their last days being the best: no way. How on earth could it compare to what they've seen in their travels from France to here?

Back to the hunt for where all the light switches are.